Gaza is 'on the brink' as aid trucks stand still


People fill plastic bottles with water in Rafah, Gaza, 20 October
The WHO estimates the amount of water available in Gaza each day is now 3 litres, compared with 84 used before the supplies were cut. Credit: Getty Images
Work has been going on to repair the damaged Rafah border crossing to deliver aid to Gaza, with the head of the UN relief agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) warning the situation in the territory is "on the brink". Philippe Lazzarini told the BBC that he fears "the world is now losing its humanity". Aid trucks are still queueing to enter the enclave. Continuing his Middle East trip, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is holding talks aimed at preventing a further escalation of the Israel-Hamas conflict and the further loss of civilian life. Both issues were highlighted overnight, as the US reported downing missiles and drones sent from Yemen and potentially heading towards Israel, and an Orthodox church in Gaza was damaged by an explosion. 

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