Hydropolitics Association (HPA) Chairman Yıldız spoke to Sky Arabia TV and Al Cairo TV; “Regional cooperation is needed on climate change”


20 January 2023

Hydropolitics Association Chairman Dursun Yıldız answered the questions of Sky Arabia TV and Al Cairo TV on the Drought in Türkiye and its regional effects on 16 January and 18 January 2023

 Explaining the effects of the meteorological drought that started in Turkiye in his speech, Yıldız also talked about the projections made by the climate change experts about whether the drought will be extended to the next period.

Dursun Yıldız stated that most of Türkiye is located in a semi-arid climate zone. Pointing out that Turkey has been experiencing regional meteorological dry periods, especially in autumn precipitation, for the last three years, Yıldız stated that this period also includes January this year, adding that this raises concerns.

Dursun Yıldız stated that in the last 3 months since the water year, which started in October, Turkey has received 41% less precipitation than normal and the air temperatures are well above normal and said that the precipitation in the coming Spring is very important for us.

 Speaking about Turkey's preparations for Drought Action Plans, Yıldız pointed out that Istanbul is a Megacity that is rapidly affected by every dry period. Istanbul is a city with a daily water demand of 3 million m3 and water basins spread over very different areas. For these reasons, especially on the European side, the dam reservoirs are rapidly emptied. Yildiz also talked about the predictions of climatologists that climate change will be very effective, especially in the Mediterranean area  and the Middle East,

He underlined that the countries of the region must cooperate on this issue. Climate change is a global problem, but its effects are experienced locally and regionally.


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