İzmir Institute of Technology & Hydropolitics Academy to hold Webinar on  Transboundary Water Management in the Middle East.

12 January  2020

HPA News-Ankara .The webinar to be held on Thursday (January 14 2021), 19:00 Turkey Time.

His Royal Highness Prince El-Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan will be Keynote Speaker  and Suha Umar, former ambassador of Turkey to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, retired will be main speaker in the webinar

The webinar will be moderated by Kamal Jalouqa spatial Planner from Hydropolitics Academy Center Ankara.

Izmir Institute of Technology, Izmir Turkey & Hydropolitics Academy Center have invited all interested people to participant in the webinar by registering on Microsoft Teams.

The webinar will investigate the role of water resources management in the cross border perspective. The topics to be investigated will not be limited to rivers flowing cross border such as the Nile, Euphrates and Tigress and the tributaries of the Jordan river and smaller other rivers, but the water resources in general including rain water and how climate change affects the locations, intensity, and related economics and technological levels of water use and agriculture. Topics discussed in this webinar will be subject to further investigation in academic, industrial and political setups.

Webinar will focus on the following main topics,

  1. The population-resource-technology and political equilibrium/s in the region with water in its/their centre of interest.
  2. The main issues that may provoke or limit organization between the stakeholders, and how science and technology could help to create setups for mutual benefits.
  3. How knowledge based centres can play a role in creating shared interest among countries and main stakeholders.

The webinar will take place on Microsoft Team , for a duration of two hours including the presentations of the keynote and main speakers and Q/A period of 30 minutes where the selected audience will be welcome to ask questions or give limited remarks on the main topics discussed. Written questions and remarks will be preferred and could be presented to the organisers.




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