Climate Change in the Midle East and Hydrodiplomacy were discussed in Paris

International Conference on  Hydrodiplomacy and Climate Change for Peace in Mesopotamia Completed December 11, 2018 The international conference  hold by SENAT and MEDURABLE in Paris on 10 December 2018  completed succesfully.. Egyptian Minister of Irrgation and Water Resources and Minister of Water and Energy in Lebanon Minister of Water and Energy in Lebanon , ,Minister in charge of Palestinian Negotiations on Water, Former Minister of Water Rsources -Iraq, President of the French Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, President of Medurable , Senator representing the French Citizens established abroad, President of  French Water Academy, representative of UNECE, President of the World Water Council (WWC ), Academicians from the  University of  Paris and the University of Texas,  President of Hydropolitics Academy of  Turkey  and  representatives from various research institutions and organizations contributed to the  conference by their presentation and speeches About 110  atendees  participated  to the event, which was held at the Palais du Luxembourg, where the Senate,, upper wing  of the French Parliament is meeting. Agriculture and Forestry Minister of Turkey  Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli and Head of International Relations Department, MEF University, Istanbul. Prof..Dr Ayşegül Kibaroğlu  invited to the conference  as speakers from Turkey could not attend due to their excuses. Özgür Çınar Undersecretary of the  Turkish  Embassy  in Paris  followed  the conference with  two Turkish diplomats from the Embassy. In the event, the experiences gained  up to the present in transboundary watersheds, the effects of climate change on water safety in transboundary watersheds, the security risks of climate change in Iraq, the development and results of water resources in Mesopotamia, on the technical and economic development of water, energy and food connection The impacts of international cooperation frameworks for the management of transboundary watersheds in Mesopotamia, the impacts and uncertainties  in the Middle East on water and food security, the UN's 1997 New York and Helsinki conventions present situations were presented. Dursun Yıldız -HPA Director In the conference ,Director of Hydropolitics Academy  Dursun Yıldız from Turkey made a presentation on  "Water Conflicts :A Cooperation Based on Mutual Interests" in the Middle East.” In his presentation, Yıldız stated that “ at present ,about 50 small and large  dams in the Tigris and  Euphrates basin are  in operation.  In addition to this fact, increasing climate change impacts on water resources and  increasing uncertainties in the region have already changed the hydropolitic dynamics of the region”. He also  said that the region needed to develop a new concept on  regional food security that highly depend on global market.He underlined that” Cooperation priority need to be shifted to Regional Food Security Projects” in the region. Dursun Yıldız-HPA Director   He also stated that” Political and climatological uncertinities can increase the risk of resecuritisation of the water resources in the Middle East.Therefore we need to reduce the tendency towards greater securitisation approach moving forward the food security cooperation with increasing regional production and intra regional trade. He concluded his presentation stating that” New initiatives with a paradigm shift are needed to drive this process”. In the coference , Undersecretary of Turkey to France  Özgür Çınar made a speech,  stating that they do not accept the definition of Turkish Kurdistan  in the concept note of the program . He  expressed Turkey's views on the relevant issues. During the one-day event, the participants of the Conference actively contributed to the issues discussed in the conference with their questions, opinions and suggestions. At the end of the conference, Loic Fauchon, President of the World Water Council, Christian Cambon, President of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee Fadi Comair Head of Organization Commitee of the Event and President of MEDURABLE and French Senator Oliver Cadic made  closing speeches.   Please click for the program of the conference Program and concept note nov 6 For the presentation of Dursun Yıldız please click DURSUN YILDIZ WATER CONFLICT IN THE MIDDLE EAST EA   HPA News.

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