Water crisis in Gaza: Desperation and disease threaten lives

Water crisis in Gaza: Desperation and disease threaten lives


Report by Yara Dargham, English adaptation by Yasmine Jaroudi

Water, a basic daily necessity, has become scarce in many parts of Gaza, particularly in Jabalia refugee camp. Israeli forces have bombed all the water wells, forcing families to embark on long walks that can take up to 90 minutes in the hope of finding water distribution points for refugees in the northern sector.

The daily lives of these individuals, who rely on uncertain and likely contaminated water sources for drinking, bathing, and washing clothes, are beyond description.  UNICEF's executive director has warned that contaminated water could lead to the death of many children in the upcoming days due to deprivation and disease.The Israeli occupation uses water resources as a means of pressure on those remaining in this devastated city.  According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, residents' water share decreased by 97% during the war, with 40% of water networks destroyed and the occupation controlling 85% of water sources.

Source : https://www.lbcgroup.tv/news/news-bulletin-reports/778667/water-crisis-in-gaza-desperation-and-disease-threaten-lives/en

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