Su Politikaları Derneği-Hydropolitics Association become a Water Europe Member

Dear Dursun Yildiz

Welcome to Water Europe Community! *Please forward this email within your organization.

We are very pleased to inform you that the Board of Directors of Water Europe (WE) has validated your application for Hydropolitics Association / Su Politikaları Derneği to become a Water Europe Member.

You are now a formal member of the WE Community:

WE Community is a digital place to Engage, a place to Network, a custom hub to Share ideas, discuss relevant topics, and a place to Connect and Create long-lasting professional relationships – the one-stop-shop exclusively for WE Members:

  • Join the Working Groups Teams
  • Register for personalized announcements and event invitations
  • Register for events
  • See the full Membership directory and contact other WE members

Water Europe Working Groups (WGs) are the operational level for members’ collaboration and coordination. You can find here details about our Working Groups, their objectives, activities and deliverables.

  1. Each WG has a Collaboration Team within the WE Community, where members can easily see the contact details and network with other members, access the WG documents, chat, arrange meetings etc.
  2. Each WG has a number of annual meetings, organized during Water Europe’s main 3 yearly events. 

Water Europe Events are the core outcome for a Water-smart Society. WE organizes 3 main events per year and all WE members have the option to register and attend all Water Europe events for free – no fees applied (except for attending the dinners).

There is no limit for the Events or Working Groups registrations – all your colleagues can register, but they have to register individually and use the corporate email address.

Please let us know if in the next days we can arrange a call to better explain all Water Europe’s activities and how you can benefit the most out of your membership.

The below button links you to the Water Europe Community. Complete your profile and invite your colleagues to join as well:

  1. Use exclusively your professional email address, personal addresses will be automatically rejected.
  2. Use only the abbreviation - name of the organization, no department, no other particular details. (Ex. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid OR UPM - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
  3. Only the Formal contact point of each organizations can send invitations to other colleagues, edit the Organization's details like the logo, Social Media links etc. - but please share this email within your organization so your colleagues can register themselves.
  4. Water Europe Community is built on trust, thus profile pictures are mandatory to upload. Please treat all members and the information you find on the platform with the outmost respect, contact members according with your business interest. Spamming is not allowed and contacts that spam other members will be removed from the platform.

On the Water Europe Website you can now find a Members Login Section where you can always log into your WE Community profile (Top menu, WE Community Tab).

Do not hesitate to contact us anytime if you have further questions,

Best regards,  

Anca Popa

Community & Event Officer

Address: Boulevard A. Reyerslaan 80, 1030, Brussels, Belgium

Phone: +32 (0)489 63 82 20


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