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Mekorot launches startup for remote monitoring of water data

Mekorot launches startup for remote monitoring of water data


The new ​company is ​known as ​Watersight and ​will focus on ​developing ​advanced ​sensing and ​monitoring ​solutions in ​the water field.​

From left to right, Mekorot CEO Eli Cohen with Eli Assoolin, CEO of Newsight (photo credit: OREL COHEN)

From left to ​right, Mekorot ​CEO Eli Cohen ​with Eli ​Assoolin, CEO ​of Newsight ​

Mekorot, ​Israel’s ​national water ​company, has ​announced the ​establishment ​of a new ​startup that ​will focus on ​remote ​monitoring and ​interpretation ​of water ​quality data. ​The subsidiary ​was established ​in collaboration ​with Newsight ​Imaging from ​Ness Ziona, ​which has ​developed both ​the technology ​and a chip for ​online spectral ​monitoring. ​

The new ​company is ​known as ​Watersight and ​will focus on ​developing ​advanced ​sensing and ​monitoring ​solutions in ​the water field ​for the local ​and global ​markets. The ​company has ​announced an ​initial round ​of raising ​capital with an ​interest in ​integrating ​strategic ​investors. ​According to ​leading ​research ​organizations, ​the demand for ​water quality ​control ​monitoring is ​expected to ​reach $6 ​billion by 2025.​ The new ​company intends ​to develop ​various ​products ​ranging from ​home monitoring ​capabilities, ​water and ​building system ​monitoring for ​buildings and ​neighborhoods, ​to water ​systems for ​monitoring ​entire ​countries. ​

The ​establishment ​of the company ​concludes an 18-​month ​cooperation ​between the ​parties, and ​the technology ​that is being ​offered to ​customers has ​already ​completed two ​independent ​tests – ​the first held ​in collaboration ​with the Shamir ​Research ​Institute in ​Katzrin, where ​they measured ​water quality ​using ​monitoring ​devices ​embedded in an ​innovative chip ​developed at ​Newsight. The ​second tested ​the system at ​Mekorot’s ​Eshkol lab, ​where the ​company brings ​water from the ​national water ​carrier. Both ​trials ​demonstrated ​the technological ​feasibility of ​remote water ​quality ​monitoring. ​

The new ​system, which ​is a few ​centimeters in ​size, will be ​placed in water ​sources up to ​the level of ​the tap and ​will take ​thousands of ​photos per ​second of the ​water flow. ​Using ​artificial ​intelligence ​technology, ​photo ​processing will ​provide rapid ​analysis of the ​water quality. ​“The ​system can ​instantly ​detect ​substances in ​water with high ​accuracy. ​“Its ​small ​dimensions and ​operating cost ​allow water ​companies or ​other ​commercial ​customers to ​integrate it ​into water ​systems or in ​various devices ​that require ​rapid and ​available ​spectral ​testing,” ​says Erez Lev, ​director of the ​Spectral ​division at ​Newsight. ​

Mekorot CEO ​Eli Cohen says ​that “​Mekorot is ​taking yet ​another step ​into the world ​of technology. ​The ability to ​remotely ​monitor water ​quality will ​improve the ​service that we ​provide to ​Israeli ​residents, and ​from there to ​future ​customers who ​can save time ​and additional ​financial ​expenses while ​maintaining ​strict control ​over water ​purity.” ​Eli Assoolin, ​CEO of Newsight,​ who is serving ​as temporary ​CEO of ​Watersight, ​said, “​Technology ​reaches the ​water sector. ​Last year, ​together with ​Sheba Hospital, ​we launched ​Virusite ​Diagnostic, ​which ​specializes in ​spectral ​detection of ​pathogens and ​has received CE ​approval for ​its products. ​Now, we are ​launching ​Watersight, ​which will ​focus on water ​solutions. ​During the ​testing period, ​we received a ​great deal of ​attention from ​various ​organizations ​worldwide who ​heard about ​this collaboration,​ which will be ​launched only ​after it has ​proven its ​efficacy.”​


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