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EU Drinking Water Directive

Feb 26 .2020 
Drinking Water Directive: Political agreement on recast between European Parliament and Council 
In February 2018 the Commission proposed a recast of the Drinking Water, as a direct follow-up to the Right2Water European Citizens' Initiative. The Proposal aimed at improving the quality of drinking water and access to it as well as provide better information to citizens.
Following the first reading in the European Parliament (Plenary of 28 March 2019), the two legislators Parliament and Council negotiated on achieving an early agreement. In December 2019 they arrived at an agreement, thus drastically shortening the legislative process. This political agreement clears the way for final adoption. EWA News provides you the key elements of the political agreement, on access to drinking water, better information of drinking water consumers, parameters and limit values, leakages in drinking water distribution networks, and materials in contact with drinking water.
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