Integrated Water Resources Management using Artificial Intelligence

Integrated Water Resources Management using Artificial Intelligence

Author: Devrishi Bharadwaj

“Water is the livelihood of our bodies, our economy, our nation and our well-being.” –Stephen Johnson

Water is an indispensable part of life. Proper scientific management of water resources is a must to meet the demands of the rising population and to ensure its availability for our future generations. Hydrological processes have significant influence on the ecology of earth. Development of water resources can greatly benefit communities, ensure sustainable development and significantly contribute to the economy of a region, especially at river basins and coastal plains. Management of water resources is a complex process because of great variations in rainfall patterns; flow of rivers, weather and climate, and the whole hydrological process is a dynamic phenomenon. It is also influenced by socio-economic factors such as consumption levels, location of industries and townships, festivals etc. With many parts of India facing severe water scarcity, the alarm bell has rang for planning out efficient, scientific and a real time water resources management system. It should take into account all the factors of water resources management, to meet the rising demand of India’s increasing population and economy but at the same time ensure no disturbance in the ecological cycle. Water is life, so availability of freshwater is a must for the continuity of the human civilization.

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