Drivers of and pressures arising from selected key water management challenges

A European overview

The European Green Deal, adopted towards the end of 2019, and the Water Framework Directive are linked to a number of key EU strategies with targets relevant to water, such as the policy initiatives of the Farm to Fork strategy, the new biodiversity strategy for 2030, the new EU strategy on adaptation to climate change and the zero pollution action plan. The 2018 EEA assessment of the status of and pressures on European waters concluded that European waters remained under significant pressures linked to altered habitats and pressures from pollution and water abstraction. As well as providing background information on the European Green Deal and related strategies, this report aims to give a European overview of the main drivers and pressures that are at the core of key water management challenges and which put European water bodies most at risk of not achieving key environmental objectives. The following key European water management challenges have been selected for presentation in this report: pollution pressures, including point source pollution, diffuse source pollution, including scattered dwellings, and pollution pressures from mining; hydromorphological pressures, including issues related to barriers, loss of lateral connectivity, pressures from hydropower and pressures from inland navigation; abstractions and water scarcity; aquaculture; invasive alien species.

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