Dijital Dünya ve Dijital Su Teknolojileri

Digital Water City

his policy matrix analyses the policies affecting digital water management and governance in the five DWC cities (Berlin, Paris, Milan, Copenhagen and Sofia). This is defined as the regulation of water resources and related services through ICT solutions on multiple levels, actors and processes. The document targets a uniform assessment on the progress of digitalisation in the water sector across the five urban contexts. To that end, policies have been gathered, analysed and their impact peerreviewed by local experts. Research particularly focused on thick vs thin institutionalism that is whether traditional top-down institutional mechanisms or participatory approaches to governance have weighed more in digital water governance. So as to improve the clarity of the analysis, a policy matrix has been drawn for each city, so that readers would have a visual representation of the level of smart water management. Finally, a set of lessons learned and recommendations has been drawn for a comprehensive picture of digital water governance in European cities, and the steps which should follow to enhance it.

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