HPA’s Webinar on “Climate Change and Migration” Completed

HPA’s Webinar on “Climate Change and Migration” Completed

4 June 2021

The Hydropoliticss Academy of Ankara – Turkey organized an International Webinar on  21st Century,Climate Change and Migration on 3 June 2021 The webinar covered the following topics:

Even if the majority of this migration is internal, there are still severe gaps in international protection on a regional and international level that need to be adequately addressed. So it is worth asking what has hindered the international community from responding to the challenge?

The increasing environmental challenges humanity is facing are globally recognized today. Migration is one of the adaptive solutions for those affected by environmental degradation. Due to its geographical and socio-economic specificities. Some countries are particularly exposed to environmental pressure and consequent human mobility, both directly, through the impacts on their population and economy, and indirectly, through the impact on neighboring societies.

Policymakers also need to be empowered at the national, local, or regional, and international levels to be able to address the complex nexus of migration, environment, and climate.

The webinar aimed to raise awareness to minimize forced and unmanaged migration as much as possible.In this perspective, Hydropolitics Academy Webinar  on “21 st Century  Climate Change and Migration” aims to bring together high-level experts  to raise awareness about the relationship between migration and lack of sustainable water management and Climate adaptation policies

At the webinar, the following points were  highlighted

  • What are the linkages between human mobility, environment and climate?
  • What is environmental migration and who is an environmental migrant?
  • Who is climate change refugee?
  • How can we designate people moving for environmental reasons?
  • What are the already existing relevant principles, rights and instruments?
  • Will all environmental migrants come to the industrialized world?
  • How do climate change and environmental degradation impact migration and forced displacement in particular?
  • What are the effects that we can observe today, and how will the impact evolve in the future? 
  • Interrelation sea level rise , temperature increase climate variability  and climate change migration
  • The lack of a unified view on definitions and scope of the policy issue at stake.
  • The lack of forums to discuss and negotiate actions on climate-driven displacements.


To address these challenges and more, HPA  brought together leading experts and academics in a  roundtable discussions webinar.

The webinar hosted 4  internationally renowned speakers who are affiliated with institutions working on the subject.

40 participants followed the webinar from different parts of the world . The presentations were followed by a Q&A session where the speakers and participants made clarifying remarks about the subjects covered in the Webinar and agreed to continue cooperating with the Hydropolitics Academy


1. Camille De Coz

Climate & Migration Nexus


2. Dr. Caroline Zickgraf, Deputy Director of the Hugo Observatory:

Environment, Migration and Politics


 3. Merve Suzan Ilik Bilben, Akdeniz University:

Climate Change Induced Migration


 4. Dr. Isaie Dougnon, Fordham University USA  

Water & Migration Nexus








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