Climate Change and Migration Nexus Webinar 3th June 2021


HPA’s Webinar on ‘Climate Change and Migration’ 3th June 2021

27 May 2021

On 3th of June, an open webinar will be hosted by Hydropolitics Academy (HPA) Turkey. The webinar is organized under the framework of climate change , water, and migration

The webinar is titled ’21st Century Climate Change and Migration ‘, and the focus will be on outmigration from rural areas, especially, but not limiting to, examining environmental drivers of migration, including the role played by water insecurity, and the impacts of food insecurity.

The objectives of the webinar are to:

  • Contribute to expanding awareness on the lack of a unified view on definitions and scope of the policy issue at stake. The lack of forums to discuss and negotiate actions on climate-driven displacements.
  • Share knowledge on rural outmigration and its linkages with water insecurity and impacts
  • Contribute to rising policymakers awareness of policy interventions

The webinar aims to raise awareness on social, political environmental effects of forced and unmanaged outmigration. In this perspective, Hydropolitics Academy Webinar  on “21 st Century  Climate Change and Migration” aims to bring together high-level experts

 At the webinar relation between migration and lack of sustainable water management and Climate adaptation policies will be highlighted.

The main target audiences is policymakers and development practitioners, especially those focusing on rural development, agriculture, water resources management.

To register the webinar Please click on 
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Meeting ID: 899 3675 8636
Passcode: 532007


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