"Dünyada herkese yetecek kadar kaynak var, ancak herkesin hırsını karşılamaya yetecek kadar değil."  Mahatma GANDİ



Water is life, but today water is in danger everywhere, as a result of pollution,
diminishing resources and climate change. And 2.6 million people – primarily children –
die every year from water-related diseases.
SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL, which will celebrate 40 years of humanitarian action
this year, is once again sounding the alarm. Water is in crisis and this 2020 Water,
Sanitation and Hygiene Barometer aims to take stock of the current situation, as well as
the risks and solutions, with field workers, experts, benchmark organizations and leading
figures, on the occasion of World Water Day (March 22nd).
This water crisis severely affects health, agriculture, livestock rearing, food and energy,
and causes ever-increasing tensions between various water-users, farmers and herders,
urban and rural populations.
In 2015, 195 UN member countries unanimously adopted the 17 Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs), including universal access to water by 2030.
In 2018, the UN announced that we were not on the right track to achieve this goal.
And since then, nothing or next to nothing has happened.
The 9th World Water Forum, which will take place in March 2021 in Dakar, Senegal,
must be a different kind of Forum, a Forum of responses, especially for sub-Saharan
Africa, the most disadvantaged continent in terms of drinking water access, where
the population is set to double by 2050.
The Dakar Forum must represent the most vulnerable populations, as well as
the organizations that are actively working to respond to the urgent water and sanitation
situation. The Forum must provide practical responses and produce an emergency
political declaration that commits nations to action, in a world where 2.1 billion people
still do not have safe access to drinking water and 4.2 billion lack access to sanitation.
The world is thirsty, we cannot wait any longer, and no one must be left behind.
This is our mission and the Forum’s mission too

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