Dijital Dünya ve Dijital Su Teknolojileri

Digital Water: Artificial Intelligence Solutions for the Water Sector

AUGUST 7, 2020  


The IWA Digital Water Programme has initiated a series of White Papers to help utilities, water professionals and all those interested in water management and stewardship issues to better understand the opportunities of digital technologies.

This white paper focuses on presenting Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solutions for the water sector. The aim is to introduce readers to tangible solutions (rather than technologies) that were developed to address specific challenges in real-life water systems. We hope that by using applied examples, the topic of AI and its applications in the water industry will be made clearer to a wider group of interested readers. The examples shown here were selected to demonstrate that AI-based solutions can address real challenges and provide tangible benefits to the water sector.

To read the report please click on 



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