"Dünyada herkese yetecek kadar kaynak var, ancak herkesin hırsını karşılamaya yetecek kadar değil."  Mahatma GANDİ

Su Yönetimi ve Diplomasisi (IJWMD)


  Prof Dr.Selmin Burak Istanbul University, Institute of Marine Sciences and Management, Turkey   ABSTRACT   The major systematic aspect of water related activities in Turkey is central planning. At the national level, the objective of the Five-Year Development Plans’ (FYDP) is to ensure the optimum distribution of all kinds of resources among various sectors of the economy. The latest, 9th, plan covers the period of 2007-2013 with the major goal related to environmental protection and public infrastructure development. This plan underlines the fact that rapid urbanization and industrialization process is a pressure on the sustainable use of water resources; that although progress has been made, uncertainty with regard to institutional plurality and fragmentation across sectors remains. This issue is a big challenge on the way to substantial reforms with regard to water resources management. Therefore better cooperation and coordination is needed between institutions. Water management is gradually improving towards a sustainable development policy by internalizing the concepts of water demand management in the municipal, industrial and agricultural sectors. Keywords: water resources, water management policy, water use, sustainability, institutional framework to read full article please click on overview of water management inTurkey_final (1)  
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