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Future Contribution Of The Istanbul Water Consensus To Urban Water Management

  Hamza ÖZGÜLER Senior Hydrological Expert Retired, General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) 06100, Ankara, Turkey hamza.ozguler@gmail.com SUMMARY At the end of the 5th World Water Forum, many outcomes were achieved under the framework of the political process which is including some components. One of those components is named as “the Local and Regional Authorities’ political process” which have produced a very concrete document entitled as “the Istanbul Water Consensus (IWC)”. By signing the IWC, participating cities commit to prepare some action plans to analyze water-related challenges and implement strategies to cope with them, to set up a series of indicators and to report on the progress at the next World Water Forum. Mayors and local/regional elected representatives from different parts of the world met in Istanbul, in March 2009, and agreed to participate in this IWC to develop water management strategies in the face of global changes. With this paper, it is an aim to give some detailed information regarding to the context of the Consensus and to state some estimations and views about how the Consensus and its outcomes as follow-up works would be affecting the urban water management. [1] For citation : OZGULER, H, 2017 "  Future Contribution Of The Istanbul Water Consensus To Urban Water Management  ", World Water Diplomacy & Science News. Hydropolitics Academy, April  2017 ,Ankara._Turkey to read full article please click on Future Contrubution of the Istanbul Water Concensus H ÖZGULER  
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