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The Importance of Water in Development

The   Importance of Water in Development


Dursun Yıldız

Hydropolitics Academy Association

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Kavaklıdere-Ankara - TURKEY

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As it is known water is not only a vital source for all natural life but also a natural resource that  is at the core of sustainable development. It  is critical for socio-economic development, healthy ecosystems and for human survival itself. It is also central to the production and preservation of a host of benefits and services for people. Therefore we should always be aware of that  water is a finite and irreplaceable resource in time and space  and  it is only available if well managed. Where water is  reliably available,  economic opportunities  are enhanced. Where water is unreliable or of inadequate quality, or where water-related hazards are present, there will be drags on growth.

Water can pose a serious challenge to sustainable development but if it is  managed efficiently and equitably, water can play a key enabling role in strengthening the resilience of social, economic and environmental systems in the light of rapid and unpredictable changes. In this article ,it is aimed to make this importance  clearer and more understandable .

Keywords: Water ,development, growth, water management .adaptive water management


Many countries particularly those experiencing the impacts of climate change ,have started to make projections on their own water security. The most important reason that requires having a projection on water security being directly linked to social stability, economic growth and development of a country

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The Importance of Water in Development

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