HPA  delegation met  Iraq's former Minister of Water Resources and  Current Ambassador of Ankara Dr. Hassan Al-Janabi.

  July 24, 2019 HPA Director  Dursun Yıldız and  Head of the HPA International Relations Center Hamza Ozgüler met  Dr Al Janabi Iraqi Ambassador to Ankara  on July 24, 2019 . Dursun Yıldız was invited  by the former minister of water resources  and current Iraqi Ambassador to Ankara Dr.Al-Janabi . The meeting was held at the Embassy of Iraq in Ankara In the begining of the meeting ,HPA Director Dursun Yıldız    expressed his thanks for the invitation and  his wishes for success due to his appointment to Ankara Embassy.  He also  thaked warm welcome, stressing the need  to develop bilateral relations between Baghdad and Ankara in all fields. Dr. Al-Janabi stated that they were speakers with HPA Director  Dursun Yıldız at the conference entitled Mesopotamia and Climate Change for Peace in Mesopotamia  organized by MEDURABLE in Paris on 10 December 2018.He told that D. Yıldız made a very valuable presentation in this conference for the Middle East and he liked it very much. Continuously,he mentioned about the importance of communication indicating that there are steps to be taken by riparian countries in our  region on water cooperation.But this requires a simple  agreement framework to go further . Dr. Al-Janabi argued that disputes should be resolved through dialogue rather than international arbitration  ., HPA Director Dursun Yıldız  thanked Dr. Janabi for the invitation.  He said that His excellancy  Dr.Janabi is an engineer, like him, and had almost the same education , training and experience in areas such as river basin hydrology, trans-boundary river management, ecosystems, watershed management, hydraulic modeling. Dursun Yıldız  emphasized that similar training and professional careers will facilitate mutual communication. Dursun Yıldız, gave brief  information about the activities of the  Hydropolitics  Academy  and  said that universities, NGOs and civil society can play a very important role in the area of ​​water cooperation.  D.Yıldız  also stated  that the Hydropolitics Academy is ready to facilitate  mutuallly beneficial interrelation  ,conducting information-based analysis studies,actionable knowledge  from the Meriç basin to the Tigris-Euphrates basin.   Who is Dr. Hassan Al-Janabi Dr. Janabi graduated from the University of Baghdad- College of Engineering and he obtained postgraduate qualifications from the University of Warsaw-Poland and the University of Technology in Sydney- Australia He possesses in depth understanding of natural processes, river basin hydrology, trans-boundary river management, ecosystems, watershed management, hydraulic modeling and GIS applications. Prior to that he worked as Experienced Hydrologist and Water Quality Modeler for Sydney Catchment Authority in Australia. He has extensive knowledge in the management, planning and development of major projects in the area of natural resources, environment and public works. Senior Advisor to the Water & Public Works Sector in Baghdad overseeing the donors countries funded water and public works project after 2003. His previous positions in Iraq included Advisor to the Ministry of Water Resources. His last es (the Food and Agriculture Organization -FAO, the World Food Program- WFP and the International Fund for Agricultural Development - IFAD). He also served as Iraq’s Ambassador to the Rome-based Prior to that he served as the Head of the Human Rights Department in the Ministry of Water Resources. He was Iraq’s Ambassador to Japan. Dr. Janabi is former  Minister of Water Resources in Iraq. He is current Iraq’s Ambassador to Turkey since 20 th of June 2019   HPA News

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