Challenging Global Warming

Understanding The Global Warming is a subject of estabilishment of empathy, creating synergy and than having a Global Vision, in terms of  challenging to this world wide problem. International communities  have been negotiating  on Kyoto Prrotocol, over 25 years     under the United Nations umbrella, but they could not reach a comprehensive, binding agreement for the World. On the contrary , 195 member countries of the protocol  has been separated by nearly ten groups in Warsaw Confernce, because of the “loss and damage” concept, which came up to agenda first time in the 2012 Doha  Conference. It seens that, the international communities will separate to more than ten may be twenty groups for the next coming conferences, since each country has a different  conditions, from the economical, social, cultural, georaphical and thecnical point of view. As mentioned above ,  greenhouse gas emition increased  by 7% in the World, since signing date of Kyoto Protocol , So, It  is clear that, the Globe can not go ahead even one step for tackling with climate change . On the contrary ,in case of  consideration ,1C is equal one step, the World came back seven steps. In this regard , The UN Strategy, based on   the Kyoto Protocol, could not provide a reasonable ,applicable solution, after understanding the international communities demands over 25 years negotiations practices , since each group is acting in its sole discretion . Unfortunately, The Kyoto Protocol was diverted to a wery dangerous path of ”win –win”  policy among groups, such as a bargain between commercial companies, during the nogatiations in Warsaw Conference, The Kyoto Protocol is not a commercial treaty. As it is known , in case of win – win nogatiations, the World will be always a loser in  Global Warming. In Warsaw, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon repeated his invitation  to a climate summit in New York on 23 September 2014. This will be a solutions summit, complementing the UNFCCC negotiations. “I ask all who come to bring bold and new announcements and action by early 2015, we need those promises to add up to enough real action to keep us below the internationally agreed two degree temperature rise, he said. As a result , there is no time for discussion and nogatiation, The international communities should act urgently for developing a completally different  strategy, in 2014 New York Summit, as Mr. Ban Ki-moon says in his statement.This strategy sould be a Challenging Strategy for Global Warming , apart from  The Kyoto Protocol. Challenging Strategy for Global Warming is a Global Vision, taking into account all aspects of climate changes. If United Nations believes the collapsion of The Kyoto Protokol , the mentioned challenging strategy  can be easily developed only by UN before New York Summit, So, there is a very big responsibility on the shoulder of UN. Challenging Strategy should comprise all components of pollution mitigation activities, and having reasonable and applicable perspectives with appendix of action plans.  Action Plans for Mitigation of Pollution and  Overcoming Global Warming
  • Air Polution Mitigation Action Plans
  • Water Resources Polution Mitigation Action Plans
  • Deforestation Mitigation Action Plans
The action plans include mainly the thechnical characteristic of pollution point, that is why the preparation of action plans not take to much time. After that, The United Nations responsibility  is to be observer for application  time schedule.

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