HPA will participate in roundtable on Hydro- diplomacy in the Euphrates-Tigris Basin - 15-18 March 2021

Adelphi and the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education will hold an
online event on hydro-diplomacy in the Euphrates-Tigris basin, taking place on Monday, March 15th,
2021 at 11 am Greenwich Mean Time+3. Bringing together a select number of experts from
multidisciplinary backgrounds, the event aspires to stimulate discussion on the pressing challenges
and possible ways forward for hydro-diplomacy in the basin.

Hydropolitics Association of Turkey will actively participate in the event.

Dursun Yıldız President of HPA  and Kamal Jalouqa Associate Member of HPA  will participate in the online Roundtable event 

They will also participate in the breakout group discussion during the workshop that will start on the second day of the event

Stretching over three hours, the event is structured into three roundtables, focusing on

a) key challenges for hydro-diplomacy;

b) the history and state of cooperation and conflict;

c) the role and potential of third parties in the basin.

Each of the round tables features short inputs, but with most
time devoted to a moderated discussion.

The event is connected to a multi-day workshop on climate change, water resources, and the future
of cooperation and development in the Euphrates-Tigris, which is organized as part of the EU-funded
project CASCADES (www.cascades.eu).

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