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SPD President Yıldız: The increase in current water use in Istanbul puts   water safety  at risk for the next year!


18 07 2020

The Hydropolitics  Association evaluated the statement made by İSKİ about increase in water use  and the  current water volume  in Istanbul water supply dams.

SPD President Dursun Yıldız said:

 “Especially in Istanbul, the higher number of  COVID 19 cases, summer temperatures and the fact that the workplaces were opened to a large extent increased the use of water. İSKİ announced this general increase as 14%. There is a risk that these three effects will continue. In this case, the increase in general water consumption in the coming months may exceed 20% above average values. This puts Istanbul's Water Safety at risk for the next year. We made a statement about this issue before.

There is always a risk that the coming period might be an arid period. Istanbul should bring down its daily water and use it more efficiently, especially at home. As of yesterday, the total amount of water in dams is at the second low level of the last 10 years. As of today, there is 17% less water in the dams than that of the same day in the last year.

Using Istanbul water more efficiently may reduce the risk for the next year. ”

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