Technologies in Hydropolitics and Hydrodiplomacy Thursday, September 2nd at 2pm!

Invitation: 6th Master Class -

IWRA 2021 Master Classes on Water Cooperation & Diplomacy

Technologies in Hydropolitics and Hydrodiplomacy

Thursday, September 2nd at 2pm!
The International Water Resources Association (IWRA) in collaboration with the Universities Partnership for Water Cooperation and Diplomacy (UPWCD), would like to invite you to the sixth online master class on Water Cooperation & Diplomacy that will take place on Thursday, September 2nd starting at 2pm Central European Time.

This series of ten weekly classes (see indicative programme here), will be held for two and half hours each, divided into:
  1. Public lectures: A 90-minute session, freely accessible and open to all; followed by,
  2. Skill-building workshops: Each session will run for 60 minutes, only for IWRA Gold and Silver members, as well as UPWCD students and members. You will be sent a different link for the workshop than the one used for the public lecture.
Register for the master classes open lectures which started Thursday, July 1st, by clicking here or below on the banner.

If you are an IWRA Gold or Silver member, send an email to office@iwra.org to register for the fourth workshop. If you are an UPWCD member or student, register by sending an email to l.salame@genevawterhub.org at 72 hours latest, before the start of the first workshop. Only a limited number of places are available! 


David Katz is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Haifa in Israel, and is currently on sabbatical at the Nicholas School of Environment at Duke University in the USA. He specializes in environmental and natural resource policy and economics. His research has focused on a range of topics including transboundary environmental and resource management, policy incentives for natural resource conservation, the relation between economic development and resource consumption, and valuation of ecosystem services.


Lecture Objectives: 

This lecture will demonstrate how new technologies are changing the dynamics of cooperation and conflict over shared water resources. It will show how technologies such as desalination, remote sensing, online sensors and machine learning are challenging traditional thinking on transboundary water resources, by expanding and creating new avenues of cooperation, “democratizing” data, building trust based on shared knowledge, and allowing development of better and more reliable modeling and forecasting. It will also address the limitations and potential downsides of such “technical fixes.”

Workshop Objectives: 

During the workshop participants will learn about various online tools that can be used to help in retrieving and analyzing transboundary water data. It will also provide a simulation in which participants will be able to explore how various technologies could be integrated into negotiated solutions regarding shared water resources.

REGISTER NOW and join us on Thursday, September 2nd!

Water Diplomacy refers to all positive interactions among actors concerned with the management of shared water resources that aim to achieve peaceful and sound management of such resources. While practicing water diplomacy, such actors try to influence each other's opinions, perceptions of facts, positions and interests to negotiate towards a mutually accepted solution concerning shared resources. 

This series of Master Classes will address the above issues, and help develop skills relevant to water diplomacy. Experts from around the world will participate and classes will be closely linked to each expert’s style and methodology, as well as to the distinct characteristics of each subject matter.  


  • Confirmed dates and times:
    • Every Thursday of September, starting on September 2nd until September 30th except for Thursday, September 16th, which is a religious holiday
    • First Thursday of October, this is on October 7th.
  • The organisers of this event recognize that while all presentations will be live, the time difference between all regions of the world constitutes a main concern. Therefore, all recordings will be posted at www.iwra.org, as soon as they become available. All lectures and workshops will be held in English only. 
  • Certificates will be made available for IWRA & UPWCD members who attend both the public lecture and the workshop for the master class.

Become an IWRA member, if you are not one already, so you can engage fully in the lecture and workshop and other upcoming events and, of course, enjoy all the usual benefits of IWRA membership!

In case of any questions, please contact us at office@iwra.org or visit www.iwra.org.

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