International Workshop on Flooding Events-Hydropolitics Association

RESEARCH CALL for Collaborative Analysis of Flooding Events with Processing of Earth Observation Datasets 

Dear Colleagues,

Our workshop supported by ISPRS aims to gather MSc and PhD students on general flood risk and assessment knowledge. Our goal is to provide both a guide and research reference for flooding events. 

The project team has expertise and experience in both Climate Science and Earth Observation, enabling a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach while focusing on the impacts of flooding events. 

Bozkurt (Kastamonu, Turkey) located in the Black Sea Region in Turkey is selected as the study area for the case study. Black Sea Region in Northern Turkey was severely affected by catastrophic flooding, as a series of thunderstorms hit the region from 7 August 2021 to the 14th August causing several floods and landslides. The water reached up to 4 meters (13 ft), and the floods have been described as the worst in Turkey's history. A total of 97 casualties were reported while 228 more were injured in the floods, and more than 1000 people were evacuated. At least 454 buildings had sustained significant damage, the infrastructure of multiple towns including Bozkurt, were also either damaged or completely destroyed. Experts discussed urbanization and climate change as the causes of this event, although to what extent each factor was responsible is under debate (https://www.cnn.com/2021/08/12/world/turkey-flash-floods-intl-hnk/index.html).

This workshop will provide a research platform to researchers from varying disciplines to analyze Bozkurt flood and aim to provide an exemplary flood risk and assessment work by evaluating varying determinants including meteorological, related to city planning, etc.

The workshop will include two sections

1. Short tutorials instructed by the experts and each focusing on the analysis of a specific related case :

- Earth observation (EO) tools, data processing, and Geoinformatics science details are given to the Climatologist

- Climate, atmospheric science theory, and applications are given to EO experts
- Establishment of a collaboration among the participants through the organized workshop.

2. Presentations of the case study. Oral and poster sessions.

The event will be hybrid, and on-site (limited to 50 participants).

Participation is free.

Deadline for abstract submission * :  10/08/2023

Workshop date :  02/10/2023 09.00-18.00 (GMT+3)

Location: Ankara- Turkiye / Turkish Cadastre and Surveying Engineers Chamber Headquarters Training Center

* Submission link will be provided to the interested participants. 

The study area of Bozkurt, Kastamonu-Turkiye is highly recommended, but any other location is welcome, too.

After the workshop, the presentations and abstracts will be publicly available online and published on the workshop website for probable interest.

Other outputs of this workshop: The studies of the workshop can be published as full texts in a special issue of a ULAKBIM (a Turkish Scientific Index)-based scientific journal. The results and preliminary studies of the workshop will be transformed into a national report and shared with relevant public institutions/organizations and stakeholders. An expert network will be formed with the workshop participants and will be included in the networking platform to be established.

Looking forward to receiving your valuable contributions and seeing you in Ankara.

Dr. Nusret Demir / Akdeniz University  

Dr. Fulya Kandemir / Hydropolitics Association &  Academy 

Dr. Doğuşhan Kılıç / University of Manchester 

Deadline of the survey (form) : 10/08/2023

Kind regards.

Fulya (Aydin) Kandemir PhD.

Hydropolitics Association (Expert)

Tel : +90 536 528 85 35

E-mail: fulya.aydin.edu@gmail.com

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