Mey Al Sayegh

Mey AL Sayegh Senior Correspondent and International news editor@ ALjoumhouria newspaper I work as a senior international news editor and correspondent at Aljoumhouria newspaper (Lebanese Arabic daily). In my articles, I focus on international conflicts and development, diplomatic issues and conduct interviews with foreign ambassadors to Lebanon and senior officials. At the technical level, I am qualified to use computer and research engines properly and I am active on social media as well. My native language is Arabic and most of my articles are written in this language. I also write articles and analysis in English language for SFPA, SAC- Slovakia think- tank. I believe that the expert in anything was once a beginner, that what I learned from my experience as a journalist since 2007.I realized that being passionate of my work and the high sense of responsibility are the key points in my success. I walked my way bearing in my mind that my articles (English &Arabic) should not be boring or written in a press release form; they should reflect a human sense. In parallel, I developed a wide network of public relations and been very active in advocating voluntary for the causes I believe in, even though it was not part of my daily tasks at Aljoumhouria newspaper and Tatwir Center for Studies. As a result, I have been invited to a large number of countries to cover different topics, ranging from international politics (Geneva 2 on Syria) to development issues, and appointed as a member of Media network for Blue peace in the Middle East. A list of most important certificates i have got from United States Department of State(International visitor Leadership Program June 16- July 4 2014) Media for development program (2012-2013) Reporting the EU training (2013-2014) Experience Senior Correspondent Aljoumhouria newspaper January 2014 – Present (2 years 3 months)missions abroad The Geneva II Conference on Syria coverage- for ALjoumhouruia newspaper (January - February 2014 ) The Reform process in Jordan coverage - exclusive invitation from His Royal Highness prince Alhassan Bin Talal.(February 2014) 1 honor or award Senior international and diplomatic news editor Aljoumhouria newspaper January 2011 – Present (5 years 3 months)zalka January 2011 to date Head of International news department/ Aljoumhouria newspaper ( http://www.aljoumhouria.com/) Responsibilities: - News reporting, Feature writing, Investigative reporting, Editing, Research and Fact- checking, Conducting interviews - Covering international and regional conferences April 25 - May 10 2012 -Conducted Training for editors @ Aljoumhouria website December 2013 to date Freelancer -Conducting researches and interviews / Tatwir Center for Studies – Beirut- Lebanon http://tatwir.net/ ( Arabic – English) June 2012 till June 2013 Freelancer writer at Slovakian media (Blizkyychod Media) (articles covering middle east issues written in English( June 2013 to date Freelancer writer at think- tank SFPA, SAC- Slovakia (English language) May 2007 –September 2009: International news editor - Al-akhbar newspaper – Verdun Lebanon (http://www.al-akhbar.com/) Certificates: - International visitor leadership program on Investigative Journalism /United States of State of Department(July 4 2014) - Media neighborhood training – BBC /Reporting the European Union (May 2014) - Multimedia and social network /Agence France-Press AFP, Canal France International (CFI), UNDP , Montpellier ,France(October 2013) Membership: Member at Lebanese Editors Syndicate - Investigative Reporters and Editors - IRE ( June 9, 2014 – June 2015) - Blue peace Media Network Workshops and conferences: April 2011-till 2013 - Media for Development workshop /UNDP /AFP (Training sessions/ field visits / Sarajevo conference on civil war) March 2013 to present: - Blue peace conferences - Istanbul, Jordan, Geneva. - Field trips :The Rhine river - Switzerland - September 2013/ Mekong river in Cambodia and Laos- November 2014/ Senegal river -August 2015 June 2013 / February 2014 - The 5th Wana Forum (The Uprooted) - Jordan. - Reform process in Jordan. November 2013 Coverage of Regional and Municipal elections and Green Economy in Denmark