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M.Nuri Yıldırım Büyükelçi (E) Ambassador (R) He was born in Nazilli, 3rd of June 1944 ,graduated from Robert Academy in1962,Vienna Welthandel Faculty in 63,Ankara Üniversitesi-Siyasal Bilgiler Fakültesi in 1967,He started as a career diplomat at the Ministry of foreign Affairs in 1968.Taught Turkish foreign policy as a lecturer at the Hacettepe University for one semester and advanced English at Bilkent University’s summer program. He is Retired in 2008 Most recently he used to be Ambassador in Mongolia-1998-2002.Previously he was a Consul General in Berlin-1992-1994, Minister Counsellor of the Turkish Embassy in Tehran-1990-92,First Counsellor of the Turkish Embassy in Helsinki-1985-89, Counsellor of the Turkish Embassy in Rome-1982-83,Consul General in Tabriz-1980-82,Charge d'affaires in Bangkok,1976-78,1st Secretary at the Turkish Delegation to the U.N. office in Geneva-1973-76.

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