Water demand management overview

Water demand management overview

Dursun Yıldız

Hydropolitics Expert

Hydropolitics Association-Türkiye

 July 3, 2023


This article provides an overview of water demand management, highlighting its importance in optimizing water usage, reducing waste, and ensuring the sustainability of water resources. Water demand management involves implementing various strategies, including water conservation, leakage reduction, demand-based pricing, public awareness, water recycling, rainwater harvesting, and efficient agricultural practices. The article explores the application of demand management in different sectors, such as households, irrigation, and industries. It emphasizes the need for accurate data, decision-making processes, and regulatory measures to effectively manage water demand.

The benefits of water demand management include economic advantages, environmental protection, climate change adaptation, and enhanced water security. The article also acknowledges the challenges in implementing demand management, particularly in underdeveloped regions, and suggests the integration of both water supply and demand management approaches. Finally, it discusses the projected increase in urban population and the significance of water demand management in addressing water scarcity issues and ensuring the adequacy of water supply infrastructure for growing urban areas.

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Water demand management doesn't only refer to the implementation of policies or measures which serve to control or influence the amount of water used. Water Demand Management (WDM) requires a holistic approach that recognizes the complexity of the inter-relationships among all the factors affecting water demand. It calls for the creation of an enabling environment based on an adequate set of mutually supportive policies and a comprehensive legal framework with a coherent set of incentives and regulatory measures to support these policies.

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