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Water-food-energy-ecosystem nexus.Why a “nexus” approach to transboundary cooperation?

Water-food-energy-ecosystem nexus

Why a “nexus” approach to transboundary cooperation?

The “nexus” term in the context of water, food and energy refers to these sectors being inextricably linked so that actions in one policy area commonly have impacts on the others, as well as on the ecosystems that natural resources and human activities ultimately depend upon.

Demographic, economic, social, and climatic changes, are all exerting increasing pressure on natural resources, including through a seemingly ever-growing global demand of energy, food, and water that threatens the well-being of the ecosystems we rely upon. The key to shift towards sustainable development lies in the strategic decisions we will take regarding natural resources, which need to be better valued and more responsibly managed.
Today, choices related to management and use of energy, land, and water are typically taken in isolation and without adequate consideration of the inter-sectoral implications of planned developments, which may be positive or negative. This can result in painful inter-sectoral trade-offs and makes it more difficult to find collaborative solutions . Both developing and developed countries are faced with this challenge.
In transboundary settings, not addressing trade-offs and externalities may result in friction between countries and reduced trust, at best hindering regional development and at worst generating conflict. Conversely, a nexus (or cross-sectoral) approach to managing common resources could greatly enhance water, energy and food security in riparian countries, including by: increasing resource use efficiency, capitalizing on regional complementarities, and improving natural resource governance.
For more information on applying a nexus approach to transboundary cooperation, this brochure  summarizes the experience of the Water Convention.
Source :https://unece.org/environment-policy/water/areas-work-convention/water-food-energy-ecosystem-nexus
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