23 Oct 2021 

By: Eyüp Yüksel·Ankara/TURKEY

No progress was available after the Paris summit. So, does monitoring of climate change indicators meaningful enough to struggle with the deteriorating impacts of global climate change?.. For years climate scientists, atmosphere and earth science research institutions have warned politicians, governments, and the public, all societies of the world on the requirement of urgent, comprehensive measurements which should be taken to cope with global climate change impacts in the short, and long term separately. Automobile manufacturers and similar other industries, including meat production, and consumption do not obey governments, UN, EU etc. never care about climate, earth, natural scientists. The only thing done is listening to recommendations. Many tired of reading endless reports. To be a human today is so difficult, even impossible compared to the situation of people who lived in the past, centuries, towards the Stone Age. Present influences on the human nervous system and brain are so big, so severe, closely related to profit. Human beings have been caught unprepared for this sudden fact which has shaken the world completely since the beginning of the 2000s. Upon this information bombardment, many feel themselves, depressed, anxious, stressed, unhappy. 

Meanwhile, the degree and style of the impact of such severity telling news, reports on fragile, sensitive people have not been adjusted yet. Human beings who have some administrative instruments designed according to previous challenges of countries, such as governments, institutions, political systems, municipalities, environment and climate organisations have could not resist this fact, so far by these instruments, even though living creatures including Homo sapiens have started to become extinct each day, people and nature gradually lost living conditions like optimum temperature, habitats, water etc. It is not in the hands of history, evolution, political organisations, and the law. Besides all above, morale of people living all over the world has been depressed due to so frequently repeated hopeless global climate change news, assessments, broadcasts.

So do we actually need assessment, and reporting on the loss of ecosystems, biodiversity so far we have tried, or instead of them, analyse human beings' social, economic management structure developed through centuries by their culture, behaviour, high level nervous structure and function, shaped through  even thousands of years to find a possible remedy in the end, if exists. Meanwhile, humanity as a thought system on the planet people of each rank, each class, and revenue may have auto-destructive personality to eliminate its own existence. Moreover, I would like to learn about what the people living in the past, e.g. 17th Century, and the future in 3019 think of present climate change crisis.

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