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What is the difference between food security and food safety ?

Timothy Sly, Epidemiologist, professor, Ryerson University, Toronto,

Updated Jul 28 2019 


Even though the two terms intuitively sound as if they should mean the same,"Food security" suggests the adequacy of food to society, the equitable distribution, confirmed supply, fair access, sustained sources, etc. A "secure supply" of food. To a lesser degree, food security does acknowledge the importance of food safety as well.
"Food safety" is concerned with safe sources of all foods, freedom from avoidable chemical and microbial contamination, continuing the appropriate 'cold-chain' where needed, protection from insects, rodents, cross-contamination, safe storage, transportation, labelling, preparation, processing, cooking, correct temperatures post-heating, food-handler safety, and service. It also encompasses risk-reduction protocols (HACCP), training and certification of handlers, testing of food, inspection and enforcement of all stages from producer to consumer.

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