Water, Energy, Environment and Food Security

We must invest in new tech to solve the global water crisis

Lukas Strohmeier

Business Analytics Expert, Andritz

Governments and private companies must of water systems to help solving the global water crisis, says Business Analytics Expert, Lukas Strohmeier. 

There are two key global water challenges: water scarcity and flooding.

Water and wastewater networks, desalination, as well as flood control and irrigation systems rely on pumps to create and maintain water security. Pumps are critical to ensure the right amount of water is present at the right time.

Pumps are at the core of water systems and ensure our modern living standard.

Unfortunately, it is estimated that up to 90% of pumps installed are energy inefficient — Replacing old pumps will save costs and significantly contribute to fight global warming.

Increasing the efficiency of the entire water networks is key.  

Innovation must spread beyond pumps and new technology — such as data analytics, IIoT and predictive maintenance — as well as new business models are crucial to help . Private and public organisations need to collaborate and invest jointly to ensure a sustainable water future can be realised.

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