Why innovative  hydro-diplomacy ?

                                                                   Dursun Yıldız Hydropolitics Association of Turkey Güfte Sokak No: 8/9 TR 06680 Kavaklıdere Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey E mail: dyildiz@hidropolitikakademi.org SUMMARY Transboundary river basins of the World provide vital resources for nearly half of the world’s population. This assessment shows existing and increasing risks in the majority of these basins.  But there are still many controversies about ideal policies to balance water allocation or sharing benefit. Therefore, it is still an important issue that transforming potential tensions into partnerships for regional development in potential water conflicted regions. The UN Security Council recently turned its attention to the relationship between water risks and conflict within and between countries4. The pressure on the resource is increasing, many transboundary streams are still left without frameworks for joint management. Climate variability also adds a new, complicating, dimension to these dynamics. Past experiences showed that there is a significant paradigm shift need in transboundary rivers management from classical hydro diplomacy to an innovative one. In this article, we aim to clarify that why we need a new strategy with new language to share, new approaches, methods, new mechanisms and innovative tools to apply? To put innovative water diplomacy into action. Keywords: Water,Diplomacy,Innovation to read full article please click on Why innovative hydro-diplomacy
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