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World Water Future 2019

Unpredictable and unsustainable access to water is a rapidly growing problem and one of the world’s greatest risks. We must learn to manage water more wisely, fairly and sustainably to avoid global crisis. There are 310 transboundary river basins world-wide, home to 40 % of the global population. Establishing effective cooperation on the worlds’ shared basins is vital for securing a peaceful, sus-trainable and equitable future. Transboundary waters are a pivotal but underappreciated issue in global politics. Water management in many transboundary basins is highly politicized and has a considerable impact on conflict prevention, regional stability, environmental peace-making and international governance. Therefore, transboundary water governance is a domain that should elicit great interest in the foreign policy community. As consequence, the use and allocation of water in transboundary basins is both a source of tension and an opportunity to promote cooperative practice-es and build collaborative institutions. The extent to which these conflict risks can be managed and the significant cooperative opportune-ties that can be realized will depend on the level of political engagement demonstrated by both the be-sin countries and the international community. We need to focus on create mutually beneficial and integrated regional development projects It is time to offer advice to the wider water community on how Water Diplomacy can be used as a trust building and conflict mitigation tool in sup-port of broader regional cooperation and develop-mint. One of the main points to focus is discussing how shared water resources could be an entry point for dialogue among riparian states. We need to put innovative Hydro-Diplomacy into action. It requires paradigm shift from classical hydro diplomacy and try to focus on how to create; • Shared Vision • Shared Goal • Unity of Effort among riparian states. We need to focus on create mutually beneficial and integrated regional development projects. We can see innovative alternatives in sight if we are really willing to find them. Best Regards, Dursun Yıldız Director Hydropolitics Academy Center 2 January 2019   TO READ FULL REPORT PLEASE CLICK ON World Water Future By Dursun Yıldız
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