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Analysis and Synthesis -21st Century

Has Technology Really Made us Better or are we just PROGRAMMED to Think that it Does?

  -by  G.S. Luthra Society forces people to be depending on technology as if everyone has accepted it as essential, but think for a moment, are we better human beings because of it? American college kids are doing much worse compared to third world nations who use old school methods. Social media claims to connect the world together, so why are so many people lonely, depressed, and suicidal? Privacy is a thing of the past where everyone can spy, snoop, and steal information. Millennial kids can’t hold a conversation, and people are having less sex and marriage rates have plummeted. Yes, it seems life was a lot simpler and better prior to the digital revolution. Businesses are said to be doing better due to the power of social media, yet most have a 50% chance of failing during their first five years and the economy has been centralized to a handful of big tech companies with globalist ties. Governments have the ability to spy with CCTV cameras, RFID, and the internet. Advertisers can harass you more now, social media is causing depression. Automation is replacing jobs. TV is brainwashing people with propaganda and making lazy couch potatoes. School and is all digital open to everyone on the cloud. People feel imprisoned as we have more screen time than we do with people. Has Civilization really made us better? We’re forced to deal with people we’d rather not see thanks to diversity propaganda. Everything is so orderly and “nice” and “civilized” delivered in a single serving manner to prevent any bursts of strong emotions, because they can potentially scare people and may offend their feelings. America has become a nation of complacent compliant sheep sedated by political correctness and tolerance for fear of being called a racist, bigot, or hateful. Is Modern Man More Evolved than Caveman his Predecessors? There is a disconnection with nearly everything people do. They don’t know where their food comes from or take the time to cook or prep their meals, but rather they just shove it down their throats after opening it from plastic sealed packages provided by factories. People don’t want to talk to others anymore, but instead prefer digital communication via social  media and texting. Playing on the phone is the mental stimulation of choice for the millennial generation. Tactile contact is absent in their lives. Technology is like an addiction, yet nobody questions or knows how it all got here. People are merely tamed and given substitutes for their urges like drugs, alcohol, porn, and alike. Police are there to make sure no one acts out of line and are ready to kill if necessary as they have the power of the state behind them ready to pardon any unjustifiable actions. If you take a random group of suits and skirts from the city today and placed them in the jungle, you would see the revival of primitives as people have not consciously evolved that much compared to their predecessors. So what you have today is a slave society who is only conforming due to fear of ridicule or punishment. Outsourcing Responsibility and Power Calculators created dependency as most kids can’t do simple math in their head. Now with computers, engineers, accountants, and alike have completely relieved certain aspects of their profession to software to handle it for them. Computer scientists and tech companies are developing AI to detect diseases, thus the need for human workers continues to plummet. Companies want to have machines automate our lives from healthcare to how we shop. While these technologies serve a purpose, they are limited by the variables you program them to examine. The human mind however, can think outside of the box and piece together information that a computer cannot. It can only put things together based on the confines of its programming, but the establishment doesn't want that. Technocracy is not working as the elitists expected We are also seeing an unexpected wave of machine failure. Not too long ago a robot was fired from a store, because it confused people. Elon Musk of Tesla Motors, experienced his worth of failure in manufacturing performance due to replacing human labor with AI and so admitted humans are "underrated". When eBooks came out, it was predicted that nobody would read physical books anymore and that bookstores would close due to online markets like Amazon. Not only was it proven wrong, but the readership of physical books has actually increased due to the improved accessibility thanks to the internet. So such technologies aren’t shaping up to be what was previously thought. Now, the same is happening with AI, gene therapy, and alike. People were predicting machine take over and engineering humans, and while that is happening in an economical level, the reality is people prefer people over bots and still like producing babies the good old fashion way. Technology has not really made people better, but rather made them handicapped, incapable of functioning properly without having their faces glued to them.
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