Turkey wants to fill the Ilisu Dam Reservoir

Turkey wants to fill the Ilisu Dam Reservoir[1] Current Hydro Logics and Hydro Politics over Ilısu Dam  

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SUMMARY Turkey has stopped filling the Ilisu dam on the Tigris River to help Iraq overcome water shortages, but it will resume filling the dam on July Turkey stated that once the filling starts again, water will still flow into Iraq in accordance with agreements between the two countries. Turkey had previously delayed the date to start filling the dam from March until June on Iraq's request. The Ilisu Dam is  located on Tigris river and it is  about 45 km from the Syrian-Turkish border. It will be the largest hydroelectric power plant in the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) with a hydropower capacity of 1,200 MW, producing an expected 3,800 GWh/yr. With a planned height of 135 m, the dam will have a 10.4 BCM reservoir. The controversial Ilisu Dam Project has raised concerns among a wide range of stakeholders including the main Tigris riparians, local residents  and international nongovernmental organizationsInternational consortium of export credit agencies were heavily criticized by several environmental and human rights groups to stop financial support to the Ilısu Dam. Critics of the project claim that the region’s cultural heritage will suffer irreparable damage with the flooding of the ancient city of Hasankeyf and neighbouring areas and the involuntary resettlement of about 50,000 people, while at the same time causing further environmental damage to the Mesopotamian Marshlands. Ilısu Dam Construction began in August 2006, but was interrupted two years later because of cancellation of international funding support. Determined to see the project through, Turkey sought other lenders, both domestically and abroad. [1] For citation : YILDIZ, D, 2018 " Turkey want to fıll the Ilısu Dam Reservoir", World Water Diplomacy & Science News. Hydropolitics Academy Center , July 2018 ,Ankara.-Turkey to read full article please click on Turkey wants to fill Ilısu Dam Reservoir  
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