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The Zebra Mussel in Turkey

  FOREWORD                                            Water mismanagement, overuse, unplanned and uncoordinated water management and climate change effects can be counted as emerging threats on renewable water resources and sustainable water use. These effects can also lead to a water supply security threats for the end user of water.In another words, water supply security is a very important part of the water security chains and  directly depends on operational security of the water supply systems. Turkey has experienced with zebra mussels problems in Atatürk Dam and HEPP since 1997. Zebra Mussels accumulation has also created some problems in Birecik Dam in 2000. DSI (DG State Hydraulic Works) has started the site investigation on monitoring studies in Kesikköprü Dam and Atatürk Dam during years of 2001 and 2002. According to (State Hydraulic Works)  DSİ activity  report (1), in Turkey, 629 small and large dams ,384 irrigation schemes ,98 water supply systems has been opened by State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) since 2005. Private sector has also built  510 river and canal type hydroelectric power plants since 2008. More than 100 small HEPP projects are under construction in different basins. About 550 small dams mainly for irrigation purposes are planned to built in near future. In fact some of them is under construction. Many of these water storage and diversion structures have completed in places where Zebra mussels were previously identified. This study aimed to raise awareness of decision makers, designers and operators about zebra mussels problems in different hydraulic structures in Turkey . We also aimed to share our experinces and  discuss preventive measures used for zebra mussel infestation at some dams in Turkey. Dursun Yıldız HPA Director      Feb. 2017 Ankara /Turkey in order to download the full report
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