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Analysis and Synthesis -21st Century

Cultural Conformity: Consumed with technology or by it?

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In today’s culture, everyone tries to fit in by everyone doing the same thing. If someone has cool new kicks, then that person wants them and then that person does and son on and so on. With technology, everyone wants to have it and it has to work fast. The newest I-Phone or I-Pad. We all got to have so we can all “fit in”. In today’s society, if you don’t fit in then your not part of the “culture”. People are too consumed with image in society that they have to be in the “norm” and fit it. Without technology today, most people would not survive. We, as a culture, are too consumed with technology that the second something does not work such as the computer froze, we panic and freak out because we can’t figure out why technology won’t work so we might actually have to do something instead of letting the computer do all the work for us. I think that we need to change the way we use technology. It’s good to have for certain things such as typing the editorial. If I didn’t have this computer, I would be sitting here writing this the old fashion way; by hand. Cars are another great thing to have so we can get places. But not when you have to go two minutes away and you decide to drive there. All of the smart phones we have today are great for us kids and some adults, but in all honesty, we really don’t need them. They take up too much of our time and turn us into zombie freaks because all we do is stare at a phone and text or play a million games on the I-Pad for 7 hours straight and get consumed by technology and let it take over your brain. All of us need to act now and fast. We all need to change this not just one person. If we let technology consume our lives, we will lose what is so beautiful about life and not live it. We won’t be consumed with it, but by it.
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