Which one of the USA Canditates' win will be for the interest of the Middle East ?

Nick Rahall to “Aljoumhouria” : Clinton's win will be for the interest of Lebanon and the region  Mey Alsayegh  Introduction:  Former Congressman Nick Rahal comes back to Beirut this year to be rewarded and honoured again in the home of his grandparents ,that he loved and defended fiercely during 38 years of his service at Congress. The Political veteran at the Democratic Party seems glad of the American actual support to Lebanese Armed Forces in fighting Terrorism, pointing out that if former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will win, that would be for “the interest of Lebanon and the region”, unlike the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who changes his opinions overnight.4 Key Messages:  Rahall who worked hard to lift the ban on Americans travelling to Lebanon in the nineties was pleased with the assistance of his country's government to Lebanese Armed Forces and called on Lebanese leaders to elect a president and not to wait the external players. Lebanese are strong individuals and through the determination of their leaders in parliament, can say to the outside we have to try on our own, and we'll see if we can work together. Inshallah , the Lebanese will not fight again with each other, there are united between in ISIS and its affiliates and the Lebanese Armed Forces, led by General Jean Kahwaji is doing a tremendous job to protect the sovereignty of Lebanon and its unity. Hillary Clinton is a well-known figure, and her positions we agreed with them or not, are clear in the region, and she will provide guidance to the State Department, and have experience and know the players in the region, and that would be in the interest of Lebanon and the region. 1 American Sanctions  Rahall seems optimistic of the efforts of the Central Bank governor Riad Salameh to soften the repercussions of the US banking sanctions on Lebanon, targeting Hezbollah and helping Lebanon in avoiding the unintended consequences American sanctions on Lebanese people. LARP has a civil mission and it is doing an excellent job in advocating the support of Lebanese Armed Forces to fight terrorism. We can't defeat ISIS only by bombing because it is an ideology that may be created in another flavor in the future. A political solution in Syria is required, and that the air raids and drone attacks would go in parallel with enhancing intelligence information to ensure the effectiveness of the raids. In the mean time, Rahall ruled out the possibility of President Barack Obama's administration to make a breakthrough in the Syrian crisis ahead of his departure. There are key decisions that Obama would leave on the table behind him. He came to the White House to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he does not want to leave and be responsible of starting a third war. Washington can not pull itself from the region, and turn its back to the Middle East and leave things to Israel. 3 Clinton administration may not send boots on Syrian ground, but her policy would be “more aggressive, and she will increase support to the Syrian rebels”. We can not hit the bad guys and expect that peace prevails in the region and people will love the Americans,Not following the situation in Iraq, led to tragedy, we we need a follow-up strategy not just with the leaders and in some cases even with the people. US Presidential Elections Americans support a candidate because of their hate for his rival, and they are angry of the corrupted regime. American people are angry, and does not like those who make more money at the expense of others, and there is a fear among the middle class, to lose their jobs due to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the like. All Muslims, Christians,and black leaders should meet to discuss the problems of our community and to report any suspicion and share information, to protect our society against terrorism. In Syria , we should include Russia, but so far we have to verify what it promises, because its had its own interests there. And the question is , if there will be a Russian-American agreement on Syria, will it be sustainable and how can we know that the Russians are not not playing down the war to extract more? In Turkey,there was no American conspiracy to topple Erdogan, and Turkey is pivotal in the war on terrorism. Peace Process The 5+1 Model that led to an agreement on Iranian Nuclear deal is worth the try to apply on Peace peace process between Israelis and Palestinians. Obama appointed a special envoy, George Mitchell, to resume the peace process and Congress used to blame Obama for criticising Israel. The link In Arabic : http://www.aljoumhouria.com/news/index/317924
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