Turkey is an obstacle to plans prepared for the Middle East

Fikret Uccan to "Aljomhouria"  newspaper : Turkey  is an obstacle to plans prepared for the Middle East 555   Mey Alsayegh and Dr.Fikret Uccan June 16 2016 Despite the fact that the "Tsar" of the Russian Federation was waiting badly the initiative of Turkey's  "Sultan", the response of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was somehow cold, saying that the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's message to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on the occasion of Russia's National Day is "a protocol message, and did not include any substantive points". Moscow seems to be clear in its position and will not accept anything less than an apology. And thus achieving a breakthrough in the Russian - Turkish relations will not be an easy task for the Turkish Government headed by Ben Ali Yildirim, "a man of tolerance and understanding", according to Dr. Fikret Uccan, the former Special Advisor to former Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu. The  former adviser to Davutoglu, put the Turkish president message to his Russian counterpart in "the context of diplomatic courtesy", it is not considered more than a "goodwill gesture". Uccan in an interview with the "Aljoumhouria", which met him in Ankara recalled Good old days between Ankara and Moscow. He said: "we used to cooperate as partners ... While Turkish companies pursue its work in Russia, the Russians had come to Turkey for tourism. Syrian situation created a problem in our bilateral relations ".     A problem Uccan acknowledges the difficulty of solving it, and reconfirmed that "Turkish army had shot down a Russian aircraft in November 24, near the Syrian border, in accordance with the rules of engagement, and that have been done after violating our airspace". He emphasized "that what happened is a purely military decision as a result of the violation, and therefore the Russian government should understand that". He added that the Turkish people are friends to the Russian people, pointing out that restoring the normal relations between the two countries needs time, and the statements made by the parties can not be easily forgotten. But there will come a time when politicians of the two countries will sitt to discuss re cooperating together. The presence of  figure like Yıldırım  "tolerant and understanding" may contribute to resolving matters, without meaning  that his predecessor was otherwise, but what happened with the Russian aircraft should don’t be considered more than a military decision. Uccan justified replacing Davutoglu with Yildirim ,  that the Turkish president's desire to change "Justice and Development" Ak party shifts. He said: "It is time for change ... people coming and going. It's normal". He praised the success of Davutoglu and noting that former Prime Minister will return back to his teaching profession, and pointed out that despite being an adviser to Erdogan and his friend, Davutoglu sometimes "was not in the same line with the party". He said: "Davutoglu was not fast enough ... I do not doubt that he had a big role in the decisions in Syria, probably  he was not dynamic in  a way that meets the Party expectations". Europe's double standards At the same time, Uccan mentioned that the Deal on migration with the EU, it includes a promise of  visa-free travel for Turkish citizens but the conditions stipulated by Europeans, especially in terms of changing the law of terrorism in Turkey, seems unrealistic. Uccan believed that the reason behind the resignation of the European Union President of Delegation of Turkey, Ambassador Hansjörg Haber, said words that blntly offended Turkish public opinion. Uccan added: "Harper reactions were so justified that he most probably felt the need to quit since he couldnot continue his duties in the country anymore". He expressed his surprise that "while Turkey is exposed to terrorist acts, how come Eu  countries are waiting from us to change our way to eradicate terrorism, we have shown our tolerance three years ago, at a time when the bombings affect many of our cities. We have suffered a lot and we have lost a lot of martyrs ". He confirmed that “we cannot not allow a terrorist organization to occupy part of our country, can not accept two authorities in the country, Western countries do not understand our position, when a bomb explodes in Paris or Brussels  we see them traumatized and  they begin to further strengthen security measures, All world leaders stand on their side, but  we who had suffered from several bombings in Istanbul and Ankara, they did not care for us”. An Indifference stance that Uccan didnot considere it a “Western conspiracy” against Turkey but merely “selfish”. He said: “they have  double standards in dealing with terrorism, as if they are saying they say that the terrorists in Turkey are good and the terrorists in Europe are bad”. He continued: « they asking us not to be tough against terrorists, rather than cooperating with us ,we find them wearing the uniform of Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria, associated with Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in Turkey, under the pretext of fighting Isis” , adding that the explanation given by Washington on wearing the uniforms of the Kurdish soldiers was surprising. In light of the concerns raised by the Syrian Kurds, and their intention of an independent conton in the Syrian Kurdish areas along the southern Turkish border, Uccan said: “We are fighting Daash, and the Americans have to cooperate with us, Turkey is  a very powerful country, its economy is not like Germany, its technology is is not like the United States, but Turkey did not know its strength”. He pointed out that Turkey's hidden strength has always been an obstacle for the plans drawn for the future of the Middle East. He said:” they may be able to change the borders, but not the borders of Turkey, the Turkish people are like Automasor can not be broken, no matter how you they will return to its normal size, and history proved it». When things reach to the last point and they are trying to exert pressure on Turkey,  they have to“remember what happened after World War I when they divided the territories of the Ottoman Empire. Small piece of land in the center of Anatolia due to the presence of a senior officer who believed in power of the Republic that can not be underestimated”. Uccan underestimated from the criticism that affects the «Sultan». He said: “ you can not consdier Erdogan a dictator, because there is a law on the protection of the president, if any party  made any abuse against him, and it seems that Erdogan's lawyers are more sensitive than others to these abuses and follow each case». He continued: «No one has the right to insult the president ... the presidents who preceded Erdogan were more tolerant to any exposure to them, and this is not the case now». Uccan denied the intention of the Turkish president to convert the republic into a religious state.  He said: “It is noteworthy that when the Speaker of Parliament Ismail Kahraman to exclude all  the secular concept from the new constitution, Erdogan said clearly that secularism remains the base of this republic”.   Anatolia civilization The Passion of Ucaan in defending his country's policy is accompanied with pride of its cultural inheritance , and for that reason Uccan issued a qualitative book about «Anatolian civilization». The idea was to present an audio book, because managers and bureaucrats do not have time to read books, then after he touched people's unwillingness to listen, he decided to publish a book as an encyclopedia of stories after expanding the chapters of the book. He said: “preparing the book took me three years. My idea is not to prepare academic work nor a university text book but  to tell the story behind it”. I edited the texts of  academics to stories to tell people what they went through this land since 12,000 years, starting from the «sacred» site in GöbekliTepe near Urfa. Uccan sought to reveal the unknown secrets not known, to conerve heritage, and transmitit to future generations to remember with pride. He considered his book, «an unprecedented work», as he is discussing to prepare a second edition, that covers the achievements in the field of medicine, literature, law, and thinks of translating Anatolia civilization into English langauge, and has the intention of translating it into Arabic, so that it could be easily bought in the markets.          
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