Is Water Blue Oil ? Why it is not .

Hydropolitics Academy -21 Jan 2016 Water is a 'bulky' resource. This means that its economic value per unit weight or volume tends to be relatively low. Therefore, its conveyance entails a high cost per unit of volume and is often not economically viable over long distances unless a high marginal value can be obtained. The costs of abstraction, storage and any conveyance tend to be high relative to the low economic value that is placed on the use of an additional unit of water. This can create values for water that are location specific . A further characteristic of water is that the quantity of supply cannot be readily specified; it is determined by various processes: the flow of water; evaporation from the surface; and percolation into the ground. In the case of surface water, supply is determined largely by the climate. Consequently, the quantity supplied is variable and can be unreliable. This can preclude certain uses of water (e.g. the development ofwater-dependent industries) and affect the value of water in some uses (e.g. irrigation). The quality of water can exclude certain uses (e.g. drinking-water for household use), but have no impact on others (e.g. hydroelectric power generation). HPA
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