Impacts of climate change on water resources in Central Asia

Sulton Rahimov Former chairman of the executive committee of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea (IFAS) Abstract This article focuses on the impacts of climate change phenomena on water re- sources in Central Asia. The text begins with a geographical description of the re- gion, specifically the degradation of the Aral Sea and the economic and environ- mental consequences of climate change, due to the importance of water resources for the development of the region. In this context, the text analyses the impacts of climate change on glaciers and surface water resources in Central Asia, and offers some future predictions concerning the reduction of glacial areas and river fow, as a consequence of rising temperatures. Given the predicted hydrographic changes in the region, the author presents some of the socioeconomic and ecological series of impacts for Central Asia coun tries. Finally, in order to deal with this future scenario, a few measures for mitigating climate change are set out, such as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the use of renewable energy sources, other technical measures regarding control and data compilation such as the restoration of hydrological meteorological stations, and finally the author calls for a new strategy on water resources management in the interest of all the countries in the region, in order to tackle the threats to sustainable development and security in Central Asia.   For full article please click on Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources in Central Asia
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