Vision & Mission

Water Policy Association is a non-governmental organization established in 2015. The main purpose of the association, which is based in Ankara, is to make an “Information Based Analysis” in the following areas and contribute to scientific progress in this field.

Mission, Vision, and Membership Conditions of the Water Policy Association

Water will play an important role in shaping the 21st century politically and economically. As the national water resources become dirty and inadequate as a result of rapid population growth, inefficient use, migration to cities, and developing industrial and climate irregularities, the increase of the limiting effect of water in social and economic development in some parts of the world will carry the problems still experienced to a higher level. This will bring the national and international use policies (Hydro-politics) of water to the forefront than today. Our country also needs more comprehensive studies on this issue.

In summary, we are moving rapidly towards a world where the importance of hydro-political approaches (in the relationship of increasing food, water, and energy) will increase on a regional and global scale.

21. YY. Since the beginning, efforts have been made to create a law that has the features to resolve conflicts and create a compromised environment. However, up to now, a system of rules that has binding universal rules in the context of agreements, customary law, and general law principles has not been established so far.
Transboundary groundwater was added to transboundary surface water problems at the beginning of the century. The relevant commission of the UN has also started to work on this issue.
The unlimited growth model implemented with the industrial revolution, pollution of water resources, increased consumption pressure, uneven distribution of water in time and space, rapidly increasing and exacerbating climate irregularities, and increased water, energy, and food relationships have brought water management to the forefront of the international agenda.

This century will be a century when Water, Energy, and Food safety will be marked. These three security concepts, which have an increasing relationship with each other and are centered on water, have increased the work required to be done on international water policies.

Purpose: The objectives of the  Hydropolitics Association (HPA) can be listed as follows;

Dialogue and cooperation with regional and global water resources and water management organizations
Raising awareness on water management and water use
Studies on the solution of national and international water problems
Sustainable water management
To carry out dialogue and cooperation between decision-makers, water users, academic environment, and civil society members on water resources management and solution of water problems. To make studies to increase the awareness of the society
Management of water resources in the national and international arena is no longer just the subject of engineering sciences but is the common field of study of disciplines such as economics, international relations, environment, meteorology, climate science, marine sciences, and statistics.

For this collaboration, a team of these disciplines should come together in a production environment and hold roundtable meetings that can convey their knowledge and experience from time to time. The Water Policies Association aims to take a modest step towards creating a production environment on the basis of this multidisciplinary scientific knowledge.

Mission: To carry out scientific and technical studies with an understanding that brings together different disciplines on water management at a national and international scale and to contribute to the use of water as a tool of peace and cooperation in our region and in the world.

Vision: To carry out scientific innovative, participatory, and guiding studies on Local Regional, and Global Water Policies, water management and water security and the connection of water, energy, food, and environment, and to become an international information and education center in this field.

To publish articles covering up to date evaluations on the related subject.
Making predictions and preparing research reports on the specified topics,
To hold roundtable meetings and publish the results as summary reports,
Organizing international and national conferences and seminars
To develop international relations with academies and centers that conduct scientific studies, and to exchange knowledge and experience.
To support the works of universities, public institutions, and organizations related to the subject in our country.
To organize live seminars between experts, academics, politicians, and bureaucrats on the Webinar Program, where national and international cooperation and exchange of views will be held.

HPA achieved published a scientific electronic journal in the field of "Water Management and Diplomacy" (International Journal of Water Management and Diplomacy ) 

The ultimate aim of the HPA is to create a visionary international training and application program that brings together different disciplines on “Water Resources Management and Hydropolitics”.